Our little story...


This group, formed in 2007, arose from the desire of Gilles Proulx and from Diane Boudreau to create a group with a different color, a more current sound and so in January, 2008, after a period of recruitment, the group really takes off.

Gilles Proulx, Co-founder and music director

Gilles Proulx began the study of the piano at the age of 6 and we recognize then an almost absolved ear. Her piano teacher, madam Odette Lebel, enjoied calling him "her small Mozart ". Afterward, he sang a few years in the choir of his church on Sundays, to become then the organist full-time, at the age of 12 up to 22 approximately.


His taste for music did not stop growing and the desire to live other musical experience was always present and important in its life. In 1986, he makes his debuts, as chorus-singer, within the "Daveluy de Victoriaville" Choir. Then, he has the dream to have his own choir and involves in this project people of his village and forms the Choir "Le Choeur de chez nous de St-Félix-de-Kingsey" which he conducted from 1988 till 1998. Meanwhile, he sets off to Drummondville to form another vocal group, the group "ArtZimut" which he conduct from 1996 until 2007: thus here he is at the head of two vocal groups.


Today, he returned to his sources with "Les voix du Choeur" which he hopes to conduct for many years to come, because he found the pleasure there, to not only conduct... but also to sing.

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